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Customised, high quality foam gaskets that guarantee the strictest sealing standards in the large number of sectors where they are used. Directly applied on the components to be sealed, they are processed using two-component dosing-mixers and at low pressure.

RAKU-PUR foam gaskets are applied in many industrial areas and they stand out for their low water absorption, excellent mechanical properties, good adherence on different surfaces, high resistance to temperature and high profitability in production processes.

These are long chain polymers with open cell structures that do not contain solvents, plasticisers or halogenated hydrocarbons.

Available in a wide range of viscosities (liquid or thixotropic), with excellent compression sets, various hardness levels (shore 00), adjustable curing times and optional colours.

Listed in compliance with specific norms in various sectors, including UL94 on fire resistance performance,  UL50 for electronic components, FDA type food regulations, IP65 to IP69 sealing degrees, specific regulations in the automotive sector, etc.

A new generation of RAKU-SIL silicone foam gaskets is also available, especially suitable when great resistance to high temperature values or chemical agents is required.

Typical applications are ventilation grilles, electric cabinets, solar modules, brake lights, luminaires, door modules, etc.


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