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We have a wide range of mono and bi-component polyurethane glues, as well as structural adhesives, water-based glues and membrane adhesives, completed with sealants, hot-melts and primers used to stick many supports: wood, polymers, metals, foams, leather,...

In line with our aim to contribute to the development of sustainable growth and respect for the environment, these products are solvent and VOC free. They are of an exceptional quality and optimised to use the minimum amount of material per production unit. They have adaptable and controllable curing characteristics, whether through environmental humidity or with reaction activators.

We have standard and customised products (tailor-made solutions). With the possibility of offering rigid or flexible bonds and with open times that go from a few minutes to several hours, viscosities adaptable to the client’s needs and the possibility of applying them manually with a spatula or manual rollers, like in perfectly automated process, whether sprayed, drops, automatic rollers or, also, in processes that include pressing and give off extraordinary heat and temperature.

In any case, we are sure that we have right adhesive to meet your specifications.


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