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Founded in 1972, SIBILS S.A. is a company that offers sealing solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors. Initially our main activity was importing and distributing polyurethane systems but, over the past few years, we have diversified our product portfolio by adding other materials of a different nature like epoxy resins, silicones and water-based adhesives to our existing range with the aim being able to provide specialised answers to our clients’ ever more specific requirements.

Our goal is to guarantee solutions for multiple applications and industrialisation areas, whether using foam gasket sealing, mono and/or bi-component adhesives, elastomers, coatings, electro casting resins for encapsulates, etc…, material that rigorously meet the growing demands of today’s market regarding quality and technology and that have earned us the trust and confidence of leading market companies.

We ensure the traceability of all of our products, from rigorous property analysis testing at origin, according to and in compliance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality control standards, to controlling the correct storage and transportation conditions for each manufactured batch, in such a way that the product reaches the client guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

As importers and distributors of the products we supply, we fulfil our task of ensuring the correct flow of information inter-change regarding the sale and use of the chemical substances, in compliance with the EU REACH regulations, whose mission is to guarantee a high level of human health and environmental protection, as well as the free circulation of substances within the internal European market.

We are proud to able to affirm that we are suppliers of a wide range on well-known systems that have proven advantages regarding competitiveness, flexibility and service, and backed up at all times by the recognition and reputation of the companies that we represent in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Our highly qualified team of professionals quickly and efficiently attends to every received request, with the constant determination to provide solutions, not just about materials but also through technical assistance and advice at all levels.

We have no better letter of presentation than the day to day trust and confidence that our clients place in the services supplied.


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C/ Pla de l'Estany, 41
E-17244 Cassà de la Selva (GIRONA)
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